Diagnosis and Treatment

What is CTE?

Source: Mayo Clinic study published in Neuropathologia December 2015. Kevin Bieniek


The Stages Of Traumatic Brain Injury: Learning From The Brains Of Athletes, Veterans, And One…It’s become clear that chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a very real risk in sports. A new study lays out the four stages of the dise

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How Researchers Could Identify Signs of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Living NFL Players…A new brain-imaging technology may reveal the true risk of repetitive head injury in contact sports.

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Study: CTE signs found in living ex-NFL playersBrain scans performed on five former NFL players revealed images of the protein that causes football-related brain damage – the first time researchers have identified signs of the crippling disease in living players.

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New Scan May Enable Better Diagnosis, Treatment for Athletes’ Brain Damage | PBS NewsHourJeffrey Brown talks with Dr. Gary Small of UCLA about how new procedures may enable doctors to identify serious head injuries in athletes and others, and the grave importance of protecting our brains from physical trauma.

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Study Suggests PET Scan May Identify C.T.E. in Living PatientsResearchers thus far have to use tissue obtained posthumously to diagnose the degenerative brain disease that has bedeviled those who have sustained repeated hits to the head.


Study Bolsters Link Between Routine Hits to Head and Long-Term Brain DiseaseResearchers found evidence of long-term degeneration in the brains of athletes, including John Mackey and Derek Boogaard, military veterans and others.


UCLA study first to image concussion-related abnormal brain proteins in retired NFL players | UCLAStudy reveals a technique which may lead to earlier diagnosis, and tracking of brain disorders in athletes.

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TauMarkTauMark owns the first and only brain measure of tau protein, providing evidence of CTE. Their mission is to provide better brain diagnostics in living patients, and is the foundation for the treatment, prevention, and eventual cure of CTE.

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